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News Scan

New Hampshire Decriminalizes Pot:  New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu signed a bill into law which reduces the penalty for possession of 3/4 oz. or less of marijuana or 5 grams of hash and converts it to a civil offense.  The Associated Press reports that a person caught with these amounts of pot or hash would face a fine of up to $100.  New Hampshire joins 20 other states which have decriminalized possession of marijuana.   

More Arrests in NY Gang Killings:  Suffolk County, NY, police officials announced Wednesday that at least four additional MS-13 members had been arrested for the April murders of four young men at a Long Island park.  Liz Robbins of the NY Times reports that with the recent arrests, 15 members of the gang will be facing charges in the quadruple homicide, while a total of 17 members face federal murder charges for at least 12 murders and other crimes.  The crackdown began in March when MS-13 members were arrested for the brutal April 2016 machete/baseball bat murders of two teen-aged girls in Brentwood.  After the bodies of the four Long Island victims were discovered, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a statement to MS-13 members, "We are targeting you, we are coming after you."   

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