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News Scan

Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Arson:  An illegal immigrant has been arrested in Charlotte for setting an apartment on fire that left 130 people homeless and put seven in the hospital.  Mark Price of the Charlotte Observer reports that Jesus Reyes Lopez allegedly set the fire last Monday at the Woodscape apartment complex as an act of revenge against his ex-girlfriend.  The fire damaged 40 apartments, causing $1.3 million in damage.  Lopez has been charged with attempted murder and arson.  The County Sheriff, which cooperates with ICE when suspected illegals are arrested, was notified that the suspect was illegally in the country and will be deported no matter what the outcome of his trial.

Murderer's Death Sentence Vacated:  The death sentence of an auto mechanic convicted of the 2004 kidnap, sexual assault, and murder of an 11-year-old girl was vacated last Tuesday by a Florida judge.  Carlos R. Munoz of the Herald Tribune  reports that the judge's ruling retroactively applied a new state law that requires a unanimous jury to impose a death sentence.  In the case of Joseph Smith, the jury's 2005 sentencing verdict was 10-2.  The kidnapping made national news as security camera footage showed Smith and the victim, Carlie Brucia, walk away together from a car wash in February 2004.  The girl's body was found behind a church six days after she disappeared.  Smith will receive a new sentencing hearing where the jury's decision to sentence him to death must be unanimous.

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