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News Scan

Domestic Violence Law Unfair to Gays:  The South Carolina Supreme Court ruled today that the state's law against domestic violence unconstitutionally violates the rights of same sex couples.  The Associated Press reports that under state law, for the purposes of restraining orders, those defined as "household members" includes a spouse, former spouse, people with a child in common or a man and a woman.  Two women or two men living together are not included.  The ruling stems from a woman's failed attempt to get a protective order against her former spouse, who was also a woman.  The state's high court held that not including same sex couples violated the Constitution's Equal Protection Clause.

College Suspends MacDonald Protesters:  Claremont McKenna College suspended five students involved last April's protest which shut down a talk by "Black Lives Matters" critic, Heather MacDonald.  Howard Blume of the Los Angeles Times reports that while no arrests were made when a crowd of roughly 250 protesters blocked the entrance the auditorium where MacDonald was to deliver her address, pounding on the windows until police shut down the event, the school's President said disciplinary action would be taken.   Last week the school announced the one-year suspension of  three students and the one- semester suspension of two others who participated.  Another two students were placed on probation (double secret probation?) for their involvement.  MacDonald, author of the book "War on Cops" has challenged the "Black Lives Matter" narrative that racist police are gunning down innocent blacks, as thoroughly disproved by widely available government data.   

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