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News Scan

Looters Jailed, Burglar Shot in Florida:  In the wake of hurricane Irma, while residents and business owners wait for an "all clear" from authorities before returning home to survey the damage, news video shows looters breaking into businesses and carrying out goods and police report that at least one criminal has been shot for burglarizing a home.  Fox News reports that several dozen looters have been arrested in Fort Lauderdale and Miami Dade.  Police agencies across the state are warning that looters will be arrested and prosecuted.  "Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice," one official warned.  A 17-year-old offender was shot at 3 a.m. Sunday by police who caught him burglarizing an abandoned home in Broward County. 

Antifa Violence at Prayer Rally:  A rally by a prayer group originally planned for Portland, but moved to nearby Vancouver, Washington, to avoid a confrontation with counterprotesters, became violent in both cities Sunday when hundreds of anti-fascists, many wearing black masks and carrying weapons, showed up.  Derek Hawkins of the Washington Post reports that Antifa members hurled smoke bombs and projectiles at police and supporters of Patriot Prayer, a religious free speech group that critics claim is actually a white-supremacist hate group.  All of the violence was initiated by the Antifa protesters.  At least nine of them were arrested.

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