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News Scan

Ohio Executes Double Murderer:  The state of Ohio executed double-murderer Gary Otte Wednesday, 25 years after he robbed and killed a man and a woman in February of 1992.  CBS News reports that Otte was pronounced dead at 10:54 a.m., about 13 minutes after he fell unconscious after receiving an injection of the anesthetic midazolam.  On February 12, 1992, Otte asked 61-year-old Robert Wasikowski if he could use his phone. Once inside the apartment, Otte shot Wasikowski and stole about $400.  The next day Otte broke into another apartment in the same building and shot 45-year-old Sharon Kostura before stealing $45 and her car keys.  On appeal, Otte's attorneys did not dispute his guilt, but blamed his drug addiction, intoxication, depression, age, and trial lawyers for his death sentence, saying that he had matured and tried to better himself.  Bummer that his victims did not get a chance to do that. 

Parolees Charged in Ole Miss Rape:  A University of Mississipi (Ole Miss) student was kidnapped and raped Monday, and two parolees have been charged.  Harold Gater and Therese Apel of The Clarion-Ledger report that two coeds got into a car with two men at about 1:11 a.m.  Charles Prince, 34, and Kedrick Norwood, 28, drove the girls around for about an hour before stopping on a county road and letting them out.  One of the coeds got back into the car and was driven to a house, held against her will, and raped.  An anonymous tip led officers to the house where the victim was discovered, and the two parolees were arrested. Both face charges of kidnapping and rape.  Prince was on parole for assaulting a police officer and grand larceny.  Norwood was on parole for dealing cocaine.

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