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Proposition 57 Implementation

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Last Friday, the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation held a public comment hearing on its regulations to implement Proposition 57.  This initiative, approved on last November's ballot, authorizes parole for many felons sentenced to what were previously determinate terms.  It was backed by big bucks from George Soros et al., and the opposition had pitifully little funding to tell the people what it will really do.

Tracey Kaplan and Robert Salonga of the Bay Area News Group have this article on the controversy.

I did not attend the hearing because these events are just for show.  I mailed in comments for CJLF, for all the good they will do.  As bad as Proposition 57 is on its face, CDCR is determined to make it worse.

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"Opponents point to the fact that violent crime in 2016 rose in the state
— by 4.1% — unlike in the country as a whole.
However, proponents note California’s violent crime rate remains comparable
to levels seen in the late 1960s.

Yeah, those idyllic late '60s..
That's the defense?

California 1960 pop. 15,717,20.
Violent crimes 37, 558
Murders 616
California 1969 pop. 19,443,000.
Violent crimes 89,878
Murders 1,386

Are you looking to move in said/sad direction?

~ http://www.disastercenter.com/crime/cacrime.htm

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