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First Monday in October

The U.S. Supreme Court opens its new term on a particularly somber First Monday, with a horrific crime in Las Vegas in everyone's thoughts.  The long orders list from the Long Conference is here with few surprises.  The Court turned down Florida murderer Cary Lambrix, who should have been executed many years ago, on his request to review the Eleventh Circuit's decision in his case.  He has another petition to review a Florida Supreme Court decision pending. 

Regrettably, the Court also turned down Florida's petition in Florida v. Franklin, No. 16-1170, the state's latest attempt to get the high court to review the Florida Supreme Court's excessively expansive interpretation of Hurst v. Florida.  The split with neighboring Alabama remains unresolved.

Sheriff Joe's now-moot mandamus petition is denied, of course.

Anthony Elonis, who tried to excuse his blood-curdling threats on Facebook as merely imitating his favorite rap "artist," was denied a second trip to SCOTUS.  The primary post on the earlier decision is here.  Type "Elonis" in the search box for many others.
Close v. United States, No. 16-9461, is a federal collateral review case in which the Eleventh Circuit denied a certificate to appeal the district court's denial.  The Supreme Court sent it back for reconsideration in light of the Solicitor General's memo of June 30.  I don't have any further information on what the issue is at this time. 

The Court is evidently still working out the bugs in its revamped website.  The wrong cases are listed on the home page as being argued today.  Update 10/3:  It's fixed.

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