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Judicial Nominations Update

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Jonathan Adler has this post at the Volokh Conspiracy on judicial nominations for the federal courts of appeals.  Votes are close for nominees for the Third, Sixth, Seventh, Tenth, and D.C. Circuits.  Four of President Trump's nominees to the appellate courts have already been confirmed.

A blue slip showdown may be coming, Adler notes, as Senator Franken of Minnesota refuses to return a blue slip for Justice Davis Stras of that state's Supreme Court, despite any apparent objection to the nominee himself.  If blue slips are going to be misused by some Senators simply to obstruct all nominees of a particular President in their states, then it is time to end or at least modify the practice.  Perhaps the rule could be that mere failure to return the slip does not block a nominee, but an express nonconsent with a stated reason specific to the nominee will.
For many of us who did not support Mr. Trump in the primaries but did vote for him in the general election, judicial nominations were reason number one.  So far, he is meeting or exceeding expectations in this area.

1 Comment

The Democrats started the judicial wars and have escalated them at every turn. There are no rules anymore, just power.

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