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West Coast Homeless Crisis:  Gillian Flaccus and Geoff Mulvihill of the Associated Press report on the massive and growing homeless population flooded across California, Oregon and Washington.  The reporters estimate that there are 168,000 homeless living on the streets in the three states with roughly 400 homeless camps spread between San Diego and Seattle.  The popular reason for the epidemic is purported to be a shortage of affordable housing driven by high tech, particularly in the larger cities. 

Broken Policing:  Manhattan Institute scholar Heather MacDonald has this piece in today's City Journal, discussing the Big Apple's abandonment of "Broken Windows" policing.  With Mayor de Blasio, who is uncomfortable with proactive policing, likely to win a second term tomorrow, MacDonald cites a NY Times story which unwittingly indicates that  "cutting back on such enforcement violates the wishes of the very minority residents whom the Times purports to champion."

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Broken Policing
MacDonald is surely right that "Gentrification has kept New York’s two-decades-long crime drop in place."

The pro-Democrat-only NY Times similarly notes that murder has continued to
bottom-out in NYC.

It also calls "accurate", the claims by Republican mayoral candidate Malliotakis, that
"homelessness has hit record levels during Mr. de Blasio's tenure".

~ https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/03/nyregion/malliotakis-

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