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Initiative Launched to Fix CA Sentencing:  Assemblyman Jim Cooper ( D) Elk Grove, Sacramento District District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert and several law enforcement and victims groups recently announced a ballot initiative to fix some of the unintended consequences of the state's "Public Safety Realignment" law (AB109) and Proposition 47.  Lance Armstrong of the Elk Grove Citizen reports that the measure would add several offenses to the list of violent crimes not eligible for early parole from prison including residential burglary, rape of an unconscious person, and assault on a police officer. The measure would also require the parole board to consider an inmate's entire criminal record when determining if an inmate should be eligible for release.  The measure would require probation be terminated if an offender violates the conditions for a third time or fails to attend a violation hearing.  Finally, DNA samples would be required for offenders who commit crimes converted from felonies to misdemeanors by Proposition 47, and felony status would be restored for a third theft of property valued at $250 or more.  The proponents must gather roughly 370,000 signatures to put the initiative on the November 2018 ballot. 

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