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Homeless & Hepatitis Spreading in LA:  With roughly 50,000 homeless living on the streets in Los Angeles, many forced to defecate on the streets due to a shortage of accessible toilets, the city is suffering an outbreak of hepatitis A.  Tori Richards of Fox News reports that as the homeless population has increased dramatically over the past several years, the city has failed to provide services to keep up.  In downtown LA's Skid Row district for example, there are over 1,777 homeless living on the streets each night and only 9 public toilets which are largely inaccessible.  In the trendy west LA beach town of Venice, which is a popular homeless destination, local officials are power washing the streets with bleach every few days.  It is clear that local government leaders have placed the problem too low on their priority list.  Now city leaders are talking about increasing taxes to help pay for more services. "You have all these government programs going to illegals, they should be using existing funds (for the homeless)," said former LA County Supervisor Mike Antonovich.  "We don't need new taxes.  It's already at the breaking point."  Over the past two years Los Angeles County has spent $1.3 billion on welfare payments to illegal immigrants.      

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