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The Göring Gambit

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There is one sure-fire way for a convicted defendant to avoid execution of his sentence: suicide.  Hermann Göring infamously took this way out on October 15, 1946, just before he was to be hanged.  The Nuremburg tribunal had denied his request to be shot instead.

Today, Cleve Wootson reports in the WaPo:

Shortly after hearing his fate, former Bosnian Croat military chief Slobodan Praljak shouted "I am not a war criminal!" and lifted a vial of liquid to his lips.

He tilted his head back and swallowed.

A short time later, he told the confused court -- and the judge who had affirmed his 20-year sentence for murdering Muslims and other war crimes  -- "I just drank poison."

His death was reported by Croatian state TV later on Wednesday.

1 Comment

[ *Note* that back then, the world had courage and justice;
thus Göring specifically faced an incoming death penalty, rather than confinement.]

re: "sentence for murdering Muslims and other war crimes"
"Praljak “facilitated the murder of Muslims who did not belong
to any armed force ... in October 1993,”

Granted that Balkans warfare is intractable, one wonders:

Are there such trials for the murder of Christians? There would seem to be opportunities, such as in Nigeria, Egypt, India, the Philippines, &ct., &ct.

[Putting aside the amorphous command structure of ISIS,
who has been overseeing genocidal persecutions in Iraq, Syria, et al.]


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