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Why Homicide Dropped In NYC:  While the national homicide rate has climbed 20% in the last two years, murders in New York City have dropped dramatically.  Liberal academics have pounced on this, proclaiming that proactive policing policies including stop and frisk, recently halted in NYC, played no part in making the city's neighborhoods safer.  In her article in the National Review, Manhattan Institute scholar Heather MacDonald compares homicides in New York, which has experienced significant demographic shifts for more than a decade, with Chicago and Baltimore, which have not.  Baltimore has set a new record for murders per 100,000 residents this year while, for the second year since 2003, Chicago has had over 600 murders.  MacDonald contends that the over twenty years of proactive policing in New York reduced crime in many neighborhoods to the point where they became draws for younger more affluent residents, causing "a stunning degree of gentrification over the last 15 years.."    

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