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Arizona Study Update

I've been too busy to post yesterday and today, between CJLF's board meeting and tight briefing deadlines, but here are a couple of links to update the January 29 post on illegal immigrants and crime. 

Alex Nowrasteh has this article at Cato claiming that John "Lott made a small but fatal error that undermines his finding."

Lott, as you might expect, disagrees.  He has this update at Crime Prevention Resource Center's blog.  Scroll down to "Responses to new comments" to get the pertinent part.

Figuring out who is right between a critique and a response takes more time than I have at present, so I'm just posting the links for those who are interested.

The easy way, of course, is to declare the truth of the one that supports your position.  A study supporting your side is "definitive."  One supporting the other side is "debunked."  There is plenty of that flying around.

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