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Gallup Poll on Gun Laws

Megan Brenan reports for Gallup that a poll shows that 46% of Americans are dissatisfied with our gun laws and want them more strict, 39% are satisfied with the laws as they are, and 8% are dissatisfied and want them less strict.

So a proposed law for greater restriction would have 46% in favor and 47% (39+8) opposed.  That's about as tight as it gets.  A proposal for less restriction would have 8% in favor and 85% (46+39) opposed.

A footnote on the graph notes but does not give a figure for "those who are dissatisfied but want laws to remain the same."  Huh?  Apparently the number of such confused people is small.


Just a small nitpick, but in arriving at your 47% figure for those who would oppose greater restriction, you're making the rather large assumption that every single person who is currently satisfied with gun laws is therefore against more restrictions. It's possible, maybe even probable, that some sensible gun restrictions (say, universal background checks, which has somewhere around 90% support) would be approved even by some people who describes themselves as satisfied with current gun laws.

I'm satisfied with $100. I would be even more satisfied with $1000!


- Victor

Okay, perhaps it would be more accurate to say that a proposal for a substantial shift to more restrictive laws would meet with an even split.

I think Gallup's "satisfaction" wording is rather odd. It would be more straightforward to ask "Do you think gun laws should be more restrictive, less restrictive, or stay the way they are." That is similar to a question they ask about the death penalty.

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