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Mr. Nicey Has Goodies for You

From the Drugs Are Wonderful Department, this news report:  "33 pounds of fentanyl - enough to wipe out Massachusetts - seized in Boston."

Boston authorities said they seized more than 33 pounds of fentanyl--enough to kill millions of people--in connection with one of Massachusetts' biggest drug busts ever.

In announcing the results of a six-month wiretap probe called "Operation High Hopes," prosecutors said the synthetic opioid was being sold on the street by a drug gang with links to Mexico's notorious Sinaloa Cartel, the drug organization once led by Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán.

"I want to be clear about the size and scope here," District Attorney Daniel Conley said at a news conference Thursday. "Massachusetts' fentanyl trafficking statute covers quantities greater than 10 grams. That threshold represents less than 1/1000 of the quantity we've taken off the street."...

The Boston Herald quoted a law enforcement source as saying that the 33-plus pounds of fentanyl is enough to kill more than 7 million people in its raw form. Massachusetts population is 6.8 million.

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