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Quad Killer's Death Sentence Upheld:  The death sentence of a Kansas man who murdered his estranged wife, her grandmother and two daughters in 2009, was upheld by the state Supreme Court last Friday.  Morgan Chilson of the Topeka Capital-Journal reports that attorneys representing James Kahler claimed that misconduct at trial by the prosecutor and the judge voided his conviction.  The defendant also claimed that his death sentence was unconstitutional because he was suffering severe mental impairment at the time of the murders.  In a divided decision the Supreme Court rejected all ten of the defense claims. The facts presented in the decision described how at around 5:30 pm on November 28, 2009, Kahler, who was separated from his wife, walked into the kitchen of his wife's grandmother's house during a family gathering and shot the wife dead.  He then walked into the other rooms and shot the grandmother and two daughters aged 16 and 18.  Both daughters died later that evening, the grandmother survived for a few days before dying.  Kahler did not shoot his 9-year-old son, who ran to a neighbor's house when the shooting started.   

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