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Two Texas Executions in One Week?

Once a state has its execution protocol set up and running, is there any reason it can't carry out sentences as fast as the court system finishes reviewing the judgments?  The Ohio Supreme Court pointlessly insists that executions be a month apart.  Texas carried out one execution Tuesday and has another scheduled for today, and today's is certainly well deserved.  Jolie McCullough reports for the Texas Tribune:

Texas is preparing to carry out its second execution of the week Thursday, putting to death a Dallas man who fatally shot his two daughters while their mother listened on the phone.

If his pending appeals are denied, John Battaglia, 62, will be the third person to be executed in Texas in 2018. No other state has held an execution this year.

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Battaglia killed his daughters while they were at his house for dinner in May 2001, according to court records. He had just learned there was a warrant out for his arrest after he harassed their mother and his ex-wife, Mary Jean Pearle. He got Pearle on the phone and had his oldest daughter, 9-year-old Mary Faith, ask her why she wanted Battaglia to go to jail.

Before the screams and gunshots, Pearle heard her daughter's last words: "No, daddy, please don't, don't do it."


The Ohio Supreme Court deserves a torrent of criticism for its built-in delay of justice--and, if an execution is stayed, it gets put to the back of the line years later.

The arrogance of the judiciary in this country knows few bounds. The Ohio Supreme Court is but one example.

Why in the world does Texas wait for SCOTUS to rule? If there is no stay at the appointed hour, the drugs should flow. The condemned should get his appeals filed on time.

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