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News Scan

More Accidents in Legalized Pot States:  A study released by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that traffic accidents have increased in states which have legalized recreational marijuana.  Ryan Beene of Bloomberg News reports that after legalization, the number of collision insurance claims increased by 6% in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington compared to nearby states where pot remains illegal.  A separate  IIHS study found a 5% increase in the rate of accidents reported to police in Colorado, Oregon and Washington compared to neighboring illegal pot states.  Research also indicates a sharp increase of  drivers mixing drugs and alcohol in legalized pot states, with marijuana being the most commonly drug used.  


Elections have consequences, laws have consequences.

Someday everyone in those states can expect higher rates thanks
to marijuana legalizers
, unless Geico, Allstate, “Progressive”,
et al spread the wealth with all the states.

• "The bottom line of all of this is that we’re seeing a consistently higher crash risk in those states that have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes," said David Harkey, president of the Insurance Institute.

• Robert Sumwalt, chairman of the NTSB said Tuesday: “Law enforcement needs additional tools and advanced training [for] … [t]he rising tide of drug-impaired driving.”
[The NTSB’s recommendations followed an investigation of a 2017 crash .. that
killed 13 people .. caused by a pickup truck driver who was high on marijuana
and an anti-anxiety medication.]

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