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Faith-based treatment programs for substance abuse, especially AA, have an undeniable record of success. But can a parole officer order a parolee to participate over his religious objections? The Ninth Circuit held in Inouye v. Kemna that the answer is no, and it was so clearly no as to overcome the parole officer's qualified immunity.

Giuliani and the Fed Soc: James Oliphant of the Chicago Tribune has this article, contending that Rudy "Giuliani has tied himself in a big way to the Federalist Society...."

Democratic fundraiser and convicted con man Norman Hsu was arrested by the FBI in Colorado and charged with interstate flight to avoid prosecution, AP reports. See 18 USC ยง 1073.

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I don't think the 12 step programs, even the faith-based ones or AA have much of a record of success, if the measure is based on solid evaluations.

Check "Rethinking Rehabilitation" at AEI by David Farabee (online) for follow-up.

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