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Cold-blooded Killers Will Kill Again: Wil Haygood's two-part article for the WA Post describes in detail the hunt for Randall Smith who killed two hikers on the Appalachian Trail in 1981. He spent just 15 years in prison before he was released for good behavior in 1996. In May of 2000, Smith shot two more hikers on the very same trail, but both managed to escape with their lives. While prison overcrowding is a serious concern, early release for proven killers absolutely should not be the solution.

Convicted Killer Finally Leads Investigators to Wife's Body: When Hans Reiser was convicted of killing his estranged wife, many people were surprised because the case was largely circumstantial. Investigators had not even been able to locate the body. But Reiser was convicted and, according to Michelle Locke's report for the Associated Press, he has now guided police to the remains of the as-yet-unidentified body of a woman in hopes of receiving leniency in sentencing. "No body" doesn't necessarily mean "no crime".

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