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Bin Laden's Driver Convicted: A military court has convicted Salim Hamdan of supporting terrorism as reported in this AP story by Mike Melia. Hamdan could be sentenced to life in prison at a hearing which will be held today.

Victim Testifies at DP Commission: A woman, whose parents were murdered 25 years ago by one of the five killers on Maryland's death row, testified the that state's commission on the death penalty should not repeal it. An AP story in today's Baltimore Sun reports that Phyllis Bricker pointed out in her testimony that "three separate Baltimore juries...12 members each, men, women, black and white," sentenced her parents' murderer to death. "There is no question now about the innocence or guilt in this case," she said.

$50,000 for Terrorists: The FBI has added $20,000 to the current $30,000 reward posted on suspected animal rights activists who firebombed the home and car of UC Santa Cruz biomedical researchers last weekend. A story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel by J.M. Brown reports that the home of scientist David Feldheim was firebombed at 5:45 AM last Saturday, forcing him to flee with his wife and two young children. The car of another researcher at the school was destroyed by another firebomb and a third scientist received a threatening telephone call at his home that morning as the bombings were occurring.

Feedback on Medellin: While Europe, the UN and the all the other anti-death penalty advocates were agonizing over yesterday's execution of Texas murderer Jose Medellin, apparently some folks in his home country of Mexico were not very upset. An AP story in today's Houston Chronicle by Mark Stevenson quotes a lawyer in Mexico City who observed "If we had the death penalty here, there wouldn't be so many crimes." (Hat tip: "federalist")

Lou Dobbs plans a segment on the Medellin execution tonight, possibly including comments from CJLF Legal Director Kent Scheidegger. (We never really know until the show airs, as they sometimes make last-minute changes.) It's on CNN from 7-8 Eastern Time.

Ramos/Compean Aftermath: Drug smuggler Osvaldo Aldrete Davila was shot in 2005 by Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean. The subsequent prosecution of the agents and the immunity given Aldrete were highly controversial. (USCA 5 decision here.) Turns out Aldrete continued smuggling, at least twice. He was sentenced today to 9 1/2 years, according to this AP story by Alicia Caldwell.

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It's unfortunate that the UN, Europe, and all the other anti-death penalty gang didn't agonize over the 2 young victims in this vicious case. They only care about Medellin and the others similarly situated.

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