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Texas AG Supports Inquiry Before Execution

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From an article by Diane Jennings in the Dallas Morning News:

The Texas attorney general's office on Thursday took the unusual step of joining the defense in saying that death row inmate Charles Dean Hood should not die until after an investigation into an alleged romantic relationship at the time of his trial between the prosecutor and judge.

Although noting that the facts of the murders of Ronald Williamson and Tracie Lynn Wallace are not in question, Attorney General Greg Abbott wrote in a letter to Collin County District Attorney John Roach, "The impartiality of a defendant's trial and conviction must be beyond reproach."

The letter said that the attorney general's office would file a legal brief today asking that the trial court fully review the matter, even if it means delaying the execution.

"Because of the unique nature of the issues in this matter – and to protect the integrity of the Texas legal system – we will ask the court to thoroughly review the defendant's claims before the execution proceeds," the letter said.

Update: The letter is here, courtesy of the Texas AG's office.

1 Comment

The Texas AG's office is wrong for doing this. The defense knew about these rumors in 2005. They waited until the last minute to file their claims, which were rejected. Now, the AG is going to lose its nerve and put the victims' families through the possibility of more years of appeals. There is no question of innocence, and a murderer, through his attorneys, gamed the system. No sympathy here.

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