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Last Meal

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Richard Cooey, who claims he is too fat to be executed humanely and it's all the prison's fault, ordered a last meal of "T-bone steak with A-1 sauce, onion rings, french fries, four eggs over easy, toast with butter, hash browns, a pint of rocky road ice cream, a Mountain Dew soft drink and bear claw pastries," Matt Reed reports for AP.

Update: Reed reports here on the execution. "There were no immediate reports of difficulties finding suitable veins to deliver the deadly chemicals, a problem that has delayed previous executions in the state." And Cooey's last words?

"You (expletive) haven't paid any attention to anything I've said in the last 22 1/2 years, why would anyone pay any attention to anything I've had to say now," Cooey said looking at the ceiling.

1 Comment

Cooey is a classy one, isn't he?

Love his lawyer yapping about "state-sponsored murder". What a nitwit.

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