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News Scan

The New SG: Adam Liptak has this article in the NYT on Solicitor General nominee Elena Kagan. "She has a powerful and varied résumé and has produced a substantial paper trail. But she has provided few clues about where she stands on the great legal issues of the day...."

Lethal Injection Supported:  A survey of Nebraska senators reported by Paul Hammel of the Omaha World-Herald indicates there are more than enough votes to adopt lethal injection for execution of the state's worst murderers.   The state's previous method of execution, electrocution, was ruled unconstitutional by the Nebraska Supreme Court last February.  Although the Senate majority supports adopting the new protocol, Senate leader Mike Flood believes that it will not be easy to pass the necessary legislation. 

California's Death Penalty is the subject of a Contra Costa Times article by John Poyner, the Colusa County DA and President of the Institute for the Advancement of Criminal Justice.  Poyner's article rebuts a piece by Newark Police Chief Ray Samuels which argued the state's death penalty is too costly and ineffective.  Citing the Institute's 2008 Journal, which consists of over a dozen articles addressing the benefits of the death penalty, as well as opposition's claims against enforcement, Poyner concludes that "Even with the facts supporting a just capital punishment system, the state fails to live up to its responsibility to provide justice.  It is bound to uphold the law and the people of California deserve better." (Note: Kent Scheidegger's article "Death Penalty Review in California: Enlightening Comparisons to Other States" appears on page 64 of the Journal.) 

Faith-Based Program: Rick Reilly of ESPN Magazine reports on "the oddest game in high school football history last month down in Grapevine, Texas" between Grapevine Faith and Gainesville State School. (Dudley Sharp brought this to our attention.)

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