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Utah AG Wants Shorter DP Appeals:  Seeking to shorten the post-conviction review of death penalty cases, Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff wants to give the state legislature the authority to limit the types of claims subject collateral review when a conviction and sentence have been upheld.  A story by Pamela Manson of The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the constitutional amendment the AG proposes would protect the ability of innocent defendants to argue their cases while shutting down frivilous appeals. 

Quadruple Murderer Set to Die Wednesday:  A Texas man convicted and sentenced to death for 1996 murders of his ex-girlfriend, her two children, and a neighbor is scheduled for execution by lethal injection in Huntsville tomorrow.  AP writer Michael Graczyk reports that defense attorneys for Virgil Martinez are seeking a stay to argue that he is mentally ill and not competent to be executed.  In 2007, the Fifth Circuit rejected the murderer's claim that he suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy which caused him to shoot 27-year-old Veronica Fuentes 14 times, her 5-year-old son Joshua five times, her three-year-old daughter Cassandra three times, and neighbor John Gomez eight times.  Before he died Gomez identified Martinez as the murderer. 

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I wonder if the deathbed ID was "testimonial".

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