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Maryland DP Debate

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John Wagner of the WaPo has this story on the Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee on the death penalty repeal bill. Baltimore County (not to be confused with very different Baltimore City) State's Attorney Scott Shellenberger is the point man for the cause of justice. (I'm not terribly enamored of his dissing Texas, but he has to do what he has to do.) Former Governor Marvin Mandel was also on hand to oppose the current Gov's bill. The current AG, Douglas Gansler, is also opposed.

There is talk of a filibuster if the bill does reach the floor. Apparently they do filibusters old school in Maryland. Mr. Smith goes to Annapolis. Sumathi Reddy has this story in the BaltSun. It may not be necessary though, as another story by Julie Bykowicz, Laura Smitherman and Gadi Dechter counts a majority (just barely) opposed.

1 Comment

Perhaps if the governor would adopt regs so that Maryland could execute some of these guys, we'd see a more effective DP in Maryland.

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