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An Audacious Hope?

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AP reports,

President Barack Obama says Eric Holder will not repeat the past mistakes of previous attorneys general by letting policy* and ideology cloud his judgment.

Well, I do hope that USDoJ will not be driven by ideology during the next four years. I'll believe it when I see it. Mr. Holder is, after all, one of the perpetrators of the Reno DoJ's notorious, misleading dump of raw data on the death penalty, previously noted here. That misleading release needlessly inflamed racial tensions for the sole purpose of propagandizing against the death penalty. It was an act with no justification other than ideology.

What exactly does it mean to not let policy cloud one's judgment? Isn't policy the end product of judgment? I hope it is. * Update: The BLT version of the story, by Joe Palazzolo, says "politics or ideology," which makes a lot more sense.  The AP has replaced its story with a longer one by Christine Simmons at the same link, and it has the corrected quote. Again, I hope it's true but have to be shown, even though I'm not from Missouri.

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