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Too Many Thieves In Milwaukee:   The Associated Press reports that two thieves fleeing a jewelry store heist were robbed by another pair of thieves before they could make their escape.  A police lieutenant said after the original thieves were robbed a fight broke out between the four criminals which ended when they jumped in their cars to avoid arrest.  Following a chase, all four were taken into custody.

Tolerating Graffiti seems to be the rule for city leaders in San Francisco. SF Chronicle writer C.W. Nevius reports that a lack of enforcement, mild consequences and the fact that property owners simply get tired of repeatedly painting over tags has resulted in so much graffiti that some freeway signs are unreadable.  The problem has gotten worse since 2004, when the City required property owners to remove graffiti within 30 days for face up to a $500 fine.  The City's Graffiti Abatement Officer says that the taggers have told him that they avoid places like nearby Daly City because they have tougher penalties.  In Seattle, where there is little graffiti, taggers spend six months in jail for a first offense.   

Death Penalty Legislative Update: John Gramlich has this story at Stateline.org on legislative activity in various states -- some considering bills to implement the death penalty better and some considering repeal.

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A tagger who puts graffiti on a private residence ought, on a second offense, to spend 5 years in jail. And a resident ought to have the right to use serious force to prevent this. The article pointed to 80 year olds powerless to stop the defacement of their homes. That is simply unacceptable in a free society. If the government refuses to stop this, the citizenry should have the right to deal with this in any manner necessary to stop it.

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