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Reprimanded for Delayed Ruling:  At Sentencing Law and Policy, Doug Berman posts an excerpt from a Memphis Commercial Appeal article describing the public reprimand of a Shelby County Criminal Court judge for taking more than seven years to rule on a death penalty appeal.  According the the article, Judge Carolyn Wade Blackett was publicly reprimanded for waiting seven years, five months and 21 days to enter her ruling on Perry Cribbs' death penalty appeal.  Judge Blackett was reprimanded for violating state law, by waiting more than a year to deny Cribbs' appeal, and she was reprimanded for violating the Code of Judicial Conduct that requires judges to decide cases in a timely manner.  Here at CJLF we hope that the Ninth Circuit has taken notice of the reprimand.  It still has yet to rule on whether to rehear the appeal of murderer Kevin Cooper, a man who was convicted of murdering four people in 1985.  His last appeal was denied by the Ninth Circuit in 2007.

New Trial Granted Because of Prosecutor Misconduct:  Mike Scarcella writes at Blog of the Legal Times that a D.C. Superior Court judge has granted a new trial to a man convicted of fatally stabbing another man in 2007.  The new trial was granted because the prosecutor  failed to turn over favorable evidence.  Apparently, certain grand jury testimony casting doubt on the government's chief witness was not handed over to the defendant's public defender until one month after the conviction.  Judge Frederick Weisberg was unable to say whether the testimony would have changed the outcome of the trial, but faulted the prosecutor for failing to turn over "patently disclosable" evidence.    

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