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No prosecutions for CIA "harsh interrogations": Evan Perez, of the Wall Street Journal, writes that "the Obama administration said it won't prosecute Central Intelligence Agency officials who carried out harsh interrogation of terror suspects under Justice Department legal guidance." Despite the American Civil Liberties Union, who initiated the Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, pressing for the release of further information regarding the interrogations, President Obama "thanked the CIA official for their service." The President also commented "'The men and women of our intelligence community serve courageously. They need to be fully confident that as they defend the nation, I will defend them."

13th Execution in Texas: Michael Rosales, a man convicted "for beating and using kitchen tools to kill a 67-year-old woman in her Lubbock apartment" back in 1997, was executed Wednesday night. Michael Graczyk, of the Associated Press, writes that "about 90 minutes before he was scheduled to be taken to the death chamber, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected appeals to delay the lethal injection so Rosales could have more time to assemble a state clemency petition and investigate claims he might be mentally retarded, therefore ineligible for execution."

Execution scheduled for today: Tom Gordon of the Birmingham News writes this story in Alabama about death row inmate Jimmy Lee Dill. Dill "is scheduled to die today and is waiting to hear if the Alabama Supreme Court will postpone his execution or allow it to proceed." Attorneys with the Equal Justice Initiative, representing Dill, have claimed "he did not have effective legal representation during his murder trial and afterward." They also argue that his attorney should "have helped [him] to understand a plea bargain in which he could have pleaded guilty to murder for a sentence of life without parole." Dill has been on death row since August 15, 1989. The Alabama Attorney General's office says the claims have already been raised and considered and do not in any event amount to a miscarriage of justice. After the story was written, the U.S. Supreme Court posted this order denying a stay.
Update: Gordon's post-execution story is here.

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Dill was executed. Twenty years after his original death sentence. One of the arguments was that bad medical treatment led to the death of the victim. Cf. Lemrick Nelson.

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