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Nebraska Legislation, Final

The Nebraska Legislature gave its final approval to the method of execution bill, and the governor quickly signed it. Paul Hammel has this story for the Omaha World Herald. AG Bunning suggests that Carey Dean Moore might be the lead-off batter. His habeas petition was rejected by the Eighth Circuit en banc 6 years ago.


Hopefully, some the lethal injection cases will be decided quickly and this long overdue execution can take place.

A few questions that hopefully someone can answer:

Why should Nebraska's lethal-injection protocol take as long as a year to get together? Why not just copy Kentucky's protocol practically verbatim in order to satisfy the Baze plurality's standard? Moreover, if they threw in shaking the inmate and the eyelash test, wouldn't they actually satisfy the dissenters in Baze?

Plus, while waiting for Nebraska DOC personnel to get properly trained to carry out lethal injections, would there be a problem in bringing in DOC employees from Ohio, Texas, Virginia (or any state with extensive execution experience) to perform lethal injections?

Last thing: any news about federal executions? They've been on hold since 2006 and I've been unable to find anything on the internet about any developments since then. I know that at least six inmates (Corey Johnson, Richard Tipton, James Roane, Orlando Hall, Bruce Webster and Anthony Battle) have otherwise exhausted all of their appeals. Why has the Justice Department (under President Bush as well as under President Obama) seemingly been dragging its feet on this?

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