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War Crimes:  The President announced today that his administration will oppose the release of photos depicting abuse of detainees held abroad by the U.S. military. Washington Post writers Michael D. Shear and Scott Wilson report that today's announcement reversed last month's statement that the Obama Justice Department's would not oppose the ACLU, which filed suit to have the photos released.  On April 23, the federal court where the suit was filed received a letter from the U.S. Attorney stating that the parties had reached an agreement and the administration would be releasing the photos on May 28.  A lawyer for the ACLU responding to news of today's reversal said, "We expect the government to hold true to their word." 

Florida Killers Get DP:  Two drug dealers have been sentenced to death for murdering a Palm Beach family, including 4 and 3 year old boys, over a drug debt against the father.  The Associated Press story reports that Daniel Troya and Ricardo Sanchez are the first Florida murderers to receive federal death sentences since 1988.  The bodies of Jose Escobedeo, his wife Yessica and their two young sons were found on the side of a Florida highway in October of 2006.  The mother, who had tried to shield her sons in her arms, was shot 11 times.  During the sentencing hearing Troya apologized to the victims and family members, while Sanchez told the court that he was innocent insisting that "they will see when it (his case) comes back on appeal."

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Regarding the Florida federal capital case, does anyone out there in Internet Land know what's going on with the 8th Amendment federal lethal-injection litigation? Imposition of the federal death penalty has been delayed for over two years and there are at least four murderers who would otherwise have been dispatched by now. I can't find one shred of any recent information on the issue.

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