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Life Sentence for Victims

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Congressmen Bobby Scott and John Conyers have introduced legislation to sentence victims of the most horrible crimes and their families to a lifetime of returning again and again to oppose the perpetrator's parole if he happened to be a day or more short of his 18th birthday.

The notice for tomorrow's hearing on H.R. 2289 is here. The text is here.

The bill would force states, on pain of losing their law enforcement grants, to consider people who committed murder or other grave offenses before their 18th birthday to be considered for parole "not less than once during the first 15 years of incarceration, and not less than once every 3 years of incarceration thereafter...." The bill dishonestly refers to perpetrators 17 years, 364 days old and younger as "child offenders," even though very, very few of the perpetrators in question are "children" as that term is commonly used and understood.

Along with being bad policy, this is the most egregious breach of the principles of federalism to come along in a long time. (Hat tip: SL&P)

1 Comment

How long before the Supreme Court rules that a "consensus" exists that life without parole for juvenile offenders is not consistent with "evolving standards of decency"?

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