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Problems Managing Urban Jails are discussed in this interesting City Journal article entitled "The Jail Inferno" by Heather MacDonald (hat tip to Heritage Insider).  The, often overlooked, reality of controlling an inmate population consisting of varying classes of offenders, who may be mentally ill, violent or suicidal, in an uncertain time frame of between one day and one year while addressing possible corruption by guards, gang activity and the constant scrutiny of the civil liberties bar are well portrayed.   

The Feds v. Sheriff Joe:  The Department of Homeland Security recently changed a policy adopted in February 2007, which had encouraged local law enforcement agencies to arrest illegal aliens according to this Associated Press story by Amanda Lee Myers.  This is not sitting well with Arizona's Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose department is among 66 local police agencies across the country which have been actively pursuing illegals.  The policy change, which modifies the 287(g) agreement between Homeland Security and local law enforcement,  requests that departments clear sweeps for illegals with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and coordinate with ICE.  The revisions direct police to focus on illegals who commit serious crimes or who have prior convictions, without mentioning the previous understanding that police could and should arrest those whose only offense is being illegality in the country.  Sheriff Joe will have none of it, saying that "I don't report to the federal government, I report to the people."  In a statement to the press which should surprise nobody, the head of the Arizona ACLU characterized Arpaio as a "rogue sheriff," who along with all other local law enforcement agencies, should not be allowed to make any immigration arrests.

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