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October SCOTUS Arguments

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The U.S. Supreme Court has published its argument calendar for the beginning of the new term in October. The first case out of the box on the First Monday in October is an "original jurisdiction" case which, as usual, is a state suing another state, South Carolina v. North Carolina. (Yawn.)

Next up is Maryland v. Shatzer, on whether the don't-ask-again interrogation rule of Edwards v. Arizona has any time or place limits. CJLF's brief in that case is here.

The next day is federal criminal case day: US v. Stevens, Johnson v. US, and Bloate v. US.

The following Tuesday, October 13, features three state criminal cases (two of them on federal habeas): McDaniel v. Brown, Padilla v. Kentucky, and Smith v. Spisak.

Brown involves an exceptionally bad (even for the Ninth Circuit) sufficiency of the evidence decision, discussed here. Spisak involves an exceptionally bad (even for the Sixth Circuit) extension of existing precedent to overturn a reasonable state court decision, discussed here. Nineteen years after Teague and 12 after AEDPA, they still didn't get it. Padilla involves ineffective assistance of counsel, guilty pleas, and advising of immigration consequences.

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Spisak was written by Judge Clay, of Bobby v. Bies fame.

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