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Blog Scan

Justice Kennedy at the Ninth Circuit is the subject of this post by Orin Kerr at VC: "I understand that Justice Kennedy was the final speaker on a panel about the procedure for issuing Ninth Circuit opinions.  The first speaker talked about how Ninth Circuit opinions are drafted; the second speaker talked about how the opinions are released; and then Justice Kennedy spoke about how the opinions are reversed."

Scary Law: More seriously at VC, Eugene Volokh responds to a comment by the French Culture Minister that American criminal law is "scary." Yes, says Eugene, when it comes to punishing acts such as raping 13-year-old girls, it should be.

Drug Courts: Doug Berman at SL&P notes a report by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers that is highly critical of the "drug court" movement. That is a bit of a surprise.

Docket Number Mystery Revealed: Kevin Russell at SCOTUSblog explains "a piece of Supreme Court minutiae that has always befuddled" him (and me too). Why does the Supreme Court clerk begin in June 2009 numbering incoming cases with "09-" docket numbers, when the October 09 Term does not begin until October, and we are officially still in the October 08 Term?

The December Calendar
is also at SCOTUSblog, in a post by Lyle Denniston. The criminal cases are the Florida v. Powell case regarding variations on the Miranda warning theme and two cases on the very controversial federal "honest services" statute.

More on Polanski: WSJ Law Blog asked its readers if Roman Polanski should be brought back to the US to face the prosecution from which he fled so many years ago. The response was so overwhelmingly affirmative that blogger Ashby Jones wondered if anyone disagreed. Yes, of course, Hollywood gets it wrong again. Note to Ms. Winger: if you are still looking for an officer and a gentleman, Polanski is neither.

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