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UPDATE Killer Escapes During A Field Trip To The Fair: Phillip Arnold Paul was apprehended on Sunday after escaping from a mental institution's field trip.  Fox News and the Associated Press report that Paul may have planned his escape.  Paul had been telling a friend for months that he was going to be released from Eastern State Hospital, a mental institution.  So when Paul showed up at his door, his friend gave him a guitar, a sleeping bag and a leather jacket, and then drove him out of town.  When this friend found out about the escape, he contacted the authorities.  Paul was captured near the Idaho-Washington border in Goldendale, WA.  When captured, Paul, who has a history of assaulting his arresting officers, was carrying a hand scythe in his backpack.  Susan N. Dreyfus, secretary of the Department of Social and Health Service, said that "We are committed to finding out how and why this happened, why there was an unacceptable (two-hour) delay in notifying local law enforcement of his escape, and how potentially dangerous patients were brought to such a public venue with the reported staffing ratios."

DNA Nabs A Manhattan Rapist: Fears have been ease in upper Manhattan since DNA has linked Vincent Heyward, 21, to the rapes of four women.   New York Times writer Ralph Blumenthal reports Heyward as apprehended after police spotted him just a few blocks from where the last sexual assault took place.  Paul J. Browne, the chief spokesman for the New York New, York Police Department says, Heyward was stopped by police officers and asked for a DNA sample because "he fit the description to a 'T'."   Heyward agreed the sketch looked like him and on the spot voluntarily gave police a sample of his DNA.  That DNA sample has linked Heyward to four rapes.  One victim was a 28-year-old Japanese woman that was attacked after a rapist crept through her seventh-floor bathroom window. The other three victims were white women ages, 59, 23, and 69.  The women were also robbed.  On Sunday, the chief medical examiner reported that the sample matched evidence from all four rapes.  After a six hours of negotiation with relatives, Heyward surrendered peacefully to authorities. 

No Trial For Alleged Killer?: Alleged Aryan Warriors gang member Ronald L. Sellers' attorneys don't see a point to trying him on the murder and racketeering charges.  Las Vegas Sun writer Richard A. Serrano reports that Sellers' attorneys believe he should not be put on trial because without a liver transplant he only has a few years to live.  Defense lawyers argue that Sellers' health should take priority over the case.  Sellers' attorneys plan to argue to the capital review board that his life should be spared because he is so desperate for a liver transplant.  Federal prosecutors do not oppose the liver transplant, they just want the trial to proceed, after all he is receiving medical treatment that is monitored at the highest level.  Traci Billingsley, a spokeswoman in Washington for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons said, "All are inmates are eligible to be considered for a transplant.  Several inmates have been given kidney and bone marrow transplants, but only one received a new liver.  Nevertheless, we do whatever is medically necessary."  Prosecutors maintain that Sellers' condition is not so critical that he should not be tried for his crimes.  For now, Sellers will remain at the Federal Correctional Institute at Terminal Island, California.  The Justice Department's special Capital Case Review will decide whether Sellers should be tried for capital murder. 

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The references to the victims' race in the rape cases are odd. Was race a factor in the assaults?

With respect to the Aryan gang member, why are prisoners eligible for liver/kidney transplants? That's just plain nuts.

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