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Poll on SCOTUS

There has been a lot of squawking from the ivory tower about how the Supreme Court has turned dangerously to the right. See, e.g., Chemerinsky. What do regular folks think? From Gallup, we learn that most Americans don't think so. Interestingly, even most Democrats don't think so.

Overall, the high court gets a 61% approval rating, above the President and way above Congress. Only 19% think the court is too conservative versus 28% too liberal and 50% about right. Among Democrats, "about right" beats "too conservative" by almost 2-to-1. The breakdown among independents tracks the overall numbers.

Is the difference here because the people are looking back to cases such as Kennedy v. Louisiana, where even Barack Obama came down on the more "conservative" side than the court, while the academics are looking ahead to the campaign finance case? Perhaps that is part of it, but I think the main problem is that many in academia are so far to the left themselves they can't see where the middle is. Will the people change their view if the campaign finance case strikes down a big chunk of that law? I doubt it. I think most people have figured out by now that trying to purge the influence of money from politics is a futile effort.

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