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Worst Argument Ever?

Is this the worst argument ever made to a court of law? Andrew Welsh-Huggins reports for AP:

Lawyers plan state and federal lawsuits and a request to Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland to stop next week's unprecedented second execution attempt of a man whose lethal injection failed on Tuesday.

Cleveland attorney Tim Sweeney said Thursday that he expects lawsuits to be filed no later than Friday in an effort to halt the next attempt to put Romell Broom to death....

Broom "sustained both physical and mental injuries," Sweeney said. "It's going to take time for all the psychic trauma to dissipate. Even if it never goes away, I think it's wrong to try to do it again so quickly in these circumstances."

No, Mr. Sweeney, it will not take much time to end the "psychic trauma." The state has a very effective plan to end it next week.

Meanwhile, in the NYT, John Schwartz has this article on the case. Broom's lawyer describes the unsuccessful injection attempts as "torture," demonstrating how far that word has been watered down. I've had a few unsuccessful needle insertions in my day. It's a pain, but it's not torture. Sheesh. Schwartz also quotes somebody or other saying we should find alternatives to the whole injection thing.


How is the "psychic trauma" distinguishable from that which happens when a court stops an execution of a "volunteer"?

To answer my own question, no, it's not the worst argument ever. The crackpot who sued God still holds that title. (I had forgotten about that one.)

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