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More on Willingham Case

The AP has this story on the Willingham case, a case in which the anti side is running around saying it is certain an innocent man was executed. (The last time they said that was in the case of Roger Coleman, subsequently proven guilty to a certainty by DNA.)

Kuykendall said his sister Stacy, Willingham's former wife, called her family together on Feb. 8, 2004, to tell them about a visit with her ex-husband, the Corsicana Daily Sun reported.

"Stacy asked all of us to come into the living room, at this time she started crying and told us about her visit with Willingham," Ronnie Kuykendall said in the affidavit.

"She stated that after visiting with him for about one hour and 45 minutes he told her that he had set the fire because he knew that she was going to leave him in January (1992) like she had said and that she was going to divorce him and he figured if he did this she would stay with him and she could get her tubes untied and that they could start another family and that he wanted her to write the board a letter because he did not want to die," according to Ronnie Kuykendall.

Stacy Kuykendall has declined to talk to the media since her ex-husband's execution.

The second affidavit is from a neighbor who this month gave a statement about what he saw on the morning of the December 1991 fire.

Tony Ayala told Corsicana police Detective Seth Fuller on Oct. 6 that he saw Willingham packing his vehicle and moving it out of the carport as smoke poured out of the house.

Ayala told Fuller that he tried to tell police in 1991 what he saw, but he was rebuffed.

Janet Jacobs has this story in the Corsicana Daily Sun. An earlier story on Gov. Perry's statement regarding the Forensic Science Commission is noted in yesterday's News Scan.

Anderson Cooper of CNN has this interview with Willingham's trial counsel David Martin and Chicago Tribune reporter Steve Mills.

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