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Ohio Developments

Here is some coverage on developments in Ohio following the aborted execution of Romell Broom. The Sixth Circuit granted a stay to the on-deck murderer, Lawrence Reynolds, over a dissent by Judge Sutton. Governor Strickland then reprieved Reynolds' execution and that of in-the-hole Darryl Durr until March and April, respectively, to give the DoRC time to develop backup procedures for inmates with difficult vein-access problems.

Alan Johnson has this story in the Columbus Dispatch. Along with quoting the usual suspects (Richard Dieter and yours truly) he also quotes some of the comments made on the paper's web site. That's an interesting twist.

In the NYT, Bob Driehaus reports that Ohio AG Cordray "appealed to the United States Supreme Court on Monday to overturn the stay...."  Driehaus quotes Doug Berman, "The stakes are not just preserving this execution date but whether they can continue to administer the death penalty over the next few months." Update: The vacate-stay application is Strickland v. Reynolds, 09A322. It is submitted to Justice Stevens, the designated Circuit Justice for the Sixth, who will undoubtedly refer it to the full court.

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