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Supreme Court Orders

The Supreme Court has granted certiorari in four new cases. SCOTUSblog has posted the orders list, and Lyle Denniston provides a brief summary of the four cases. 

Two of the four cases involve issues of criminal law.  The first, United States v. Marcus (08-1341), addresses the scope of federal appeals courts' authority to overturn a conviction that may have been based in part on conduct that was not criminal when it occurred. Justice Sotomayor has recused herself from this case.  The second criminal case, Holland v. Florida (09-5327), asks whether "gross negligence" by a state-appointed defense attorney in a death penalty case provides a basis for extending the time to file a federal habeas challenge, in a case where the habeas plea was filed late despite repeated instructions from the client.   


It looks like all the capital cases were relisted again.

It looks like all the capital cases that were relisted for the 10/9 conference will be relisted again.

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