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New Supreme Court Justice Biography:  Erin Miller posts on SCOTUSblog that USA Today writer, Joan Biskupic, has published a new book on Justice Antonin Scalia.  The book, American Original, is being advertised as "The first full-scale biography of the Supreme Court's most provocative -- and influential -- justice."  SCOTUSblog's Tom Goldstein had the opportunity to interview Biskupic about her book.  The podcast covers Scalia's family, his "[t]wo passions: religion and Roe," and her predictions on Justice Scalia's legacy.  Ashby Jones posts more on Justice Scalia at the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog.  Jones' post wonders how Justice Scalia would have voted in Brown v. Board of Education

Coverage of Yesterday's Supreme Court Arguments:  Howard Bashman has compiled an extensive list of the media's coverage for oral arguments in Sullivan v. Florida and Graham v. Florida.  Our News Scan rounded up coverage from the New York Times and the LA Times this morning, and Kent's posts on Graham and Sullivan are available here and here

Justice Alito's Concurrence in Bobby v. VanHook:  At Blog of Legal Times, Marcia Coyle reports on what she calls, "A Justice's Curious Comment About ABA Guidelines For Death Penalty Lawyers."  Coyle's post reviews Justice Alito's concurring opinion, which emphasized his view that no "special relevance" should be given to the American Bar Association's guidelines on the appointment and performance of defense counsel in death penalty cases.  According to Coyle, Justice Alito's opinion reflects his belief that the ABA, an organization with limited membership, does not "reflect the views of the bar as a whole."  It is up to the courts to determine whether a defense lawyer's work meets the constitutional standard, not the ABA.  Those who support use of the guidelines, like Eric Freedman a member of the ABA's death penalty steering committee, believe "the ABA guidelines are only guides to putting content on the very vague Strickland standard."   

Federalist Society's National Lawyers Convention in Washington D.C.:
  The Federalist Society will be holding its annual National Lawyers Convention this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the Mayflower Hotel.  Justice Alito will be speaking Thursday evening, and former Attorney General, Michael B. Mukasey, will be speaking Friday.  The schedule is available here.    

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