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Texas Execution

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Just under 10 years ago in Palestine, Texas, 84-year-old retired school teacher Geraldine Davidson came home to find a burglary in progress. The leader was Danielle Simpson (a man, notwithstanding the name). Paul Stone reports for the Palestine Herald:

During his trial, testimony showed that Simpson and three other Palestine youths kidnapped Davidson from her South Sycamore Street residence on Jan. 26, 2000 and paraded her around in the trunk of her vehicle before tossing her into the frigid waters of the Neches River with her hands bound behind her back and a cinder block tied to her ankles.
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Authorities have said eight-to-10 people at separate locations in Palestine and Grapeland were shown Davidson's body in the trunk of her own car prior to her death, but did not notify police.

Simpson was executed in the unusually short time of less than 10 years because he called off his appeals. Chris McGreal reports for the Guardian (London):

Days before his execution, Simpson told the Guardian that he waived his appeals against execution because life confined to a small metal cage was unbearable. "This Texas system is sick. They treat us less than the human beings that we are and it's like instead of them trying to see us as being a human being they look at us as being an animal," he said.

Uh, huh. And what were you treating Mrs. Davidson like as you proudly displayed her body to your friends?

The Supreme Court order denying a stay is here.  Justice Sotomayor joins the dissent, not a good sign.

The accomplices were all juveniles and will not be executed.

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Texas, while not as fast as Virginia, does somewhat often execute killers in less than ten years.

It is a bad sign that Sotomayor dissented. I don't think there is much hope for a judge who thinks that incarcerated prisoners have a claim under the the voting rights act.

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