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"Justice Will Be Done"


In his address to Congress on September 20, 2001, President Bush promised the American people, "Whether we bring our enemies to justice or bring justice to our enemies, justice will be done."

Some important justice was brought to our enemies last week, as we found out moments ago.  It didn't involve an indictment, Miranda warnings, the appointment of counsel, haggling over venue, and that sort of thing.  It may outrage those who put an Alice-in-Wonderland version of due process ahead of winning the war that has been thrust upon us.  If so, so much the better.

The Wall Street Journal reports this afternoon:

An unmanned drone strike last week in Pakistan apparently killed a top al Qaeda trainer who helped supervise December's suicide bombing at a Central Intelligence Agency post in Afghanistan, U.S. officials say. The strike on a suspected bomb-making facility in Miram Shah killed as many as 15 people, including Sadam Hussein Al Hussami, also known as Ghazwan Al-Yemeni, according to people familiar with the strike. The Obama administration doesn't comment on such attacks.

Congratulations and thanks to our military and intelligence forces.  In one day, they brought about more real justice than the civil libertarian furrowed brow has brought about in ten years. 


"In one day, they brought about more real justice than the civil libertarian furrowed brow has brought about in ten years."

I am an ex-military officer and am not all squeamish about the use of military force to destroy our enemies. I do recognize the unfortunate reality of collateral damage to innocent people. I think that we would do well to (a) congratulate our armed forces and (b) understand that military strikes to kill our enemies are, unfortunately, a necessary evil. The satisfaction we feel that a reprehensible terrorist has been killed must be tempered by the fact that often times innocent people are killed and maimed by these actions. The fault, of course, lies completely with these cowards who secrete themselves among civilians--a war crime. But exulting in the death of one who clearly deserves it without even a nod to the possibility of the death of innocents is a little over the top. Our brave fighting men and women have often risked death rather than kill innocent people. I think we would do well to remember the sentiments that led to those incredibly noble acts.

I think you also mean "liberal" brow, not "civil libertarian". Most civil libertarians concede the practical necessity that the nation must be defended.

First, thank you for your service to our country. I was in college when some of my classmates taunted servicemen returning from combat in Vietnam. I had my doubts about the Vietnam war, but I was appalled at the arrogance and ingratitude some in my generation showed toward those who defended them while they sat on their backsides at home.

Two things you say are very much worth remembering as we move forward in this war. One is that the other side engages in the barbaric and blood-curdling practice of using human shields. We should need no more reminder than that of why there is no alternative to winning.

Second, how right you are to point out that our soldiers take outlandish risks to their own lives to minimize civilian casualties. Indeed, I am not aware of any civilization that has gone to the lengths America has in order to protect civilians. It's difficult to decide whether those who preach moral equivalence between the United States and al Qaeda are more contemptible or more ignorant.

By "civil libertarian," as I have used it in this context, I mean to denote those who woodenly value process over substance. When, as with this drone strike, we achieve justice, those enraptured with the notion that justice can only be achieved in a courtroom should take note.

The courtroom is but a tool--it's not the (almost) categorical imperative these unserious fools make it out to be. The use of civil libertarian is jarring-most of these people bleating on about "our values" etc. are statists to their very core.

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