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Briefing on Felon Voting

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The Federalist Society has a briefing call next Wednesday at noon ET with Roger Clegg. The subject is felon voting. Call 888-752-3232. The FedSoc site also has this paper by Roger on the subject.

Congress is now considering H.R. 3335, of which section 3 provides,

The right of an individual who is a citizen of the United States to vote in any election for Federal office shall not be denied or abridged because that individual has been convicted of a criminal offense unless such individual is serving a felony sentence in a correctional institution or facility at the time of the election.
No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. Some people in Congress actually want to require that a paroled murderer be able to vote the day he walks out the gate.

This bill raises several questions: (1) Is this good policy? (2) Can Congress override the States' decision on whether this is good policy? (3) What are these people smoking? I would be surprised if Roger gets to question (3), though.

Oh, yeah. The bill is titled
"The Democracy Restoration Act." Really. The United States is not a democracy because paroled murderers can't vote, and these folks are going to "restore" a rule of law that never existed to make us a democracy again. Hence question (3).

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A malfunction in the Large Hadron Collider has apparently knocked us all into an alternate reality.

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