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We Don't Need No Stinking Balance

On Texas Death Penalty Blog is this announcement of a death penalty symposium at the University of Texas Law School. Of the names I recognize, every one is a hard-core opponent of the death penalty.

Balance would only be required if the mission of the UT were to educate. If the mission is to indoctrinate, as it apparently is, choosing speakers entirely from one side is more conducive to the goal.

Earlier today, I participated in an event at UC Davis Law School. It was jointly sponsored by the student chapters of the Federalist Society and the ACLU. The other speaker was Natasha Minsker of the ACLU.

Some people do like balance.

Thanks to Dudley Sharp for the tip.


I would have no trouble with this event if it were held at NACDL headquarters. For a university to sponsor a completely one-sided symposium like this is amazing.

Well, no, I take it back. It's not amazing. My mistake was in thinking that there's a difference between universities and NACDL headquarters.

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