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Finally, California's Lethal Injection Regulations

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has finally sent its lethal injection protocol to the Office of Administrative Law. The press release is here. Executions have been held up in the state by an appellate court decision (erroneous, in my opinion), that revisions to the protocol had to go through the Administrative Procedures Act process. Upon the publication of the required notice, the anti-death-penalty movement organized a spamming campaign to flood CDCR with many thousands of irrelevant comments. A day short of the one-year deadline, the department has apparently completed the process of combing through them. AOL now has 30 days to act.

There are six murderers whose cases have completed the normal reviews and can be set for execution: Brown, Cooper, Fields, Morales, Raley, and Sims. Belmontes should be added to the list shortly, but I don't know when the Ninth will stop dithering with it.

CDCR has put together this timeline.

Update: Carol Williams has this post on the LA Times' blog L.A. Now.


Let's hope that the Clinton appointee Fogel doesn't hold anything up further. Dates should be set immediately, and the AG should aggressively fight any stays. These murderers have had far too long. They need to be put down.

Kent, you may not know when the Ninth, or more accurately, the duo of dishonesty (hey, it was in the NYTimes), Paez and Reinhardt will stop dithering, but I'm sure you suspect that they will sit on the case for a while.

I use to know a fellow who was asked to give a recommendation for Paez when he was nominated. Though a conservative, he had done a trial against Paez and felt he acted decently and he should recommend him. However, Paez's co-counsel was Yagman. I think they did a good cop/bad cop number on him. I'm sure a day doesn't go by that he doesn't regret his decision to write a letter on behalf of Paez.

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