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More on Sidney Thomas

Ben Feller reports for AP:

President Barack Obama on Thursday interviewed federal appeals court Judge Sidney Thomas of Montana for an opening on the Supreme Court, a person familiar with the conversation told The Associated Press.

The roughly hour-long session at the White House was the first known formal interview that Obama has conducted for the upcoming vacancy on the high court. It is not clear whether Obama has interviewed other candidates in person.

Now that's depressing. The White House should be aware by now that Thomas's opinion in the Summerlin case is both ludicrously wrong and pro-murderer, making an easy target for Republicans to attack and a virtually impossible one for Democrats to defend. (See prior post.)

Do they not know, or do they not care?

Feller refers to Thomas as "well respected within legal circles." I  do not know a single prosecutor or victims' advocate within the Ninth Circuit who would agree with that. I guess he must be talking with other "circles."


Could it be the circles of the enlightened elite who know what's best and bristle at the notion of rule of law?

I think the enlightened elite believe that whatever strikes their fancy IS the rule of law.

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